Investment Management

Investment Management

We specialize in constructing and managing investment portfolios built with a long-term investing perspective. We help you make sense of the many investment vehicles that are available and build a portfolio designed to meet your specific goals. We come to a complete understanding of your financial situation and goals so we are able to best serve your interests. Our independence allows us to provide objective advice and our highly trained staff offers technical expertise and personalized service to ensure client satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

It’s not enough to simply recommend good investment vehicles – a portfolio when viewed as a whole should be greater than the sum of the parts. To accomplish this, proper diversification and asset allocation are needed. We make recommendations for your consideration and take the time to explain why each component of the portfolio is selected and how they work in concert.

We believe you are best served when your investment portfolio and its management are aligned with four primary factors:

  • your unique financial situation
  • your goals for the future
  • your tolerance for risk
  • your time horizon

Our Process

Our portfolio construction and management process has evolved over our 25 year history and adheres to our role as a fiduciary – always acting in your best interests. It begins with our experienced staff analyzing your entire financial situation and coming to know you and your unique needs, goals and values. We then construct and manage your portfolio through our disciplined and time-tested process.

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RecommendationDiscoveryConsultationSupervisionWe take the time to fully understand your financial situation, goals, risk tolerance and time horizon, allowing us to custom tailor a portfolio that truly satisfies your unique needs.