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Potential 2021 income tax surprises

With the income tax filing deadline fast approaching, this article by nerd wallet points out a few ways your 2021 tax return might require a bit more scrutiny than normal. From child tax credit changes to cryptocurrency capital gains, these various life changes from last year might just impact the way you file your return.

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Russian invasion’s market impact

With the Russian bombardment of Ukraine, the largest military campaign in Europe since World War II, showing no signs of letting up in recent days, this article by J.P. Morgan Wealth Management attempts to assess what impact the conflict might have on the global economy and financial markets.

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Ukraine & the changing market environment

With geopolitical tensions such as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, investors often ask whether a link exists between current events and financial market performance. However, when Vanguard examined major geopolitical events over the past 60 years, they found that while equity markets often reacted negatively to the initial news, geopolitical sell-offs were typically short-lived and returns over the following 6- and 12-month periods were largely in line with long-term average returns. On average, stocks returned 5% in the 6 months following the events and 9% in the 12 months after the events as shown below. – Vanguard