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HSA Accounts – Does One Make Sense For Me?

An HSA account is often offered alongside your employer’s high-deductible health plan and it’s often said to be triple tax-advantaged: You can contribute to them on a pretax or tax-deductible basis, which includes avoiding FICA taxes, and your savings grow free of taxes over time. You can also make tax-free withdrawals to cover qualified medical expenses. The attached white paper takes a deeper dive into just how powerfully that helps accumulate wealth long-term.

The Growing Threat of Real Estate Wire Fraud – One Family’s Nightmare – CNBC

We continue to warn our clients of the dangers of wire fraud, especially when it comes to real estate closings, and this article provides a heartbreaking anecdote of a family whose house closing went terribly wrong. Please call us if you want to hear our advice with regard to do’s and don’ts for your next real estate closing so this does not happen to you.

How to Negotiate Falling Rent Prices Due to COVID – CNBC

Among the pandemic’s many lasting consequences, its impact on real estate and housing markets has been substantial. Rents have been falling nationally in 2020, but nowhere faster than in big coastal cities like NYC. If you or your kids are still looking to rent, it may be time to renegotiate and this article provides some helpful tips to do so.