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End Of An Era – Jeff Bezos To Resign As Amazon CEO This Year

Jeff Bezos has led Amazon, the company he founded, for 25 years, but announced he will step down as CEO later this year. Amazon is as important to American and global business as any other company and Jeff Bezos has as much or more to do with that than anyone. He will remain executive chairman, but his departure as CEO and subsequent hand-off to Andy Jassy, head of Amazon Web Services, is an important milestone for Amazon.

JetBlue Eliminating Ticket-Change Fees, But Also Removing Some Traditional Perks For Cheapest Ticket – CNBC

We have seen airlines make many changes, mostly negative, in order to bring down costs on the lowest level airfare. JetBlue is continuing to lower costs by eliminating ticket-change fees, but are also taking away the ability for holders of their cheapest tickets to use the overhead storage bins.