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Can You Have Too Much Credit?

Many of our clients don’t carry large credit card balances, but it’s not uncommon for children of clients to have questions related to credit cards, credit scores, and how much credit is enough. The more important thing to remember is to have an adequate emergency fund and to use your cards responsibly.

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Evidence Emerges of COVID-19’s Impact on Forced Retirement

With the increase in unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding themselves in a forced retirement. “About 7% of people age 55 to 70 have left the labor market this year, compared with just 4.7% of people in that age group during the 2008 recession, according to The New School’s paper.” While it is definitely a scary situation to be in, this is the type of thing we can help with and if you are someone you know is in a similar situation don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Tuning Out The Noise

No one could blame you for feeling a bit overwhelmed these days given all that has transpired so far in 2020, but the deluge of frequently bombastic, attention-grabbing headlines in the media can often exacerbate the feeling. That’s why we feel strongly that the value of a trusted advisor runs much deeper than just investment returns.

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